Trenton Finds the Christ Connection

Many people will never know the love of Jesus Christ. But Trenton's story is different.

Trenton had it tough. He was in a bad place. But when his friends invited him to church, everything changed. He studied and learned the Bible, chose to be baptized and worked to be confirmed into Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church in Maryville, Missouri. Finding faith helped Trenton find peace and strength.

Watch this video and see Trenton recount his baptism, transformation and how being supported through services that share the good news of Jesus Christ has helped him live the best life possible.

Trenton found the comfort he had been looking for; he found God.

God had people in place to help Trenton. Will you get involved?



People with disabilities can and should make decisions about things that matter to them. For Trenton, that meant getting involved in a local church and developing his faith.

Your support of Bethesda can help more people with developmental disabilities know the love of Jesus Christ. Considering partnering with Bethesda to help a person with disabilities know the love of Christ and be saved.


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