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For Everything There is a Time

January was a time of return for many on our mission team. James Neuendorf returned from his semester of studies in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Deaconess Intern Katie Ziegler returned from a time with her family over Christmas. The Kreys returned from Boston with a new baby girl and with Matthias recovering from his heart surgery. A new vicar from Argentina arrived ready to serve in 2013. Brian Keller also returned to us at the end of January. We thank our Lord for keeping each and every one of us safe in our comings and goings and are grateful that our team is assembling again for continued service for the sake of the Gospel in 2013. We are privileged to be here at this time and thank each and every one of you for your continued encouragement, prayers and support. We give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for all of His tender mercies.

Concordia School Update

After the Christmas break, our school children are at their studies again! Every day begins with a short devotion. On Wednesdays, the children in the upper grades study the Lutheran faith through a curriculum from the Lutheran church of Chile. On Fridays, classes begin with a chapel service. The Lord continues to be faithful in giving us fruit from the teaching of His Word - over the past year, some 20 students and parents from the school have studied the small catechism and become members of our mission. Our children have begun their memory work, learning hymns, and bible verses, all in preparation for their Lenten service in which we invite the community to come and learn of Christ and His passion. Certainly, “He has borne all of our transgressions.” One of their favourite Lenten hymns is “Christ the Life of all the living”. It is a gorgeous hymn which drips of the Gospel and Christ’s tremendous love for us sinners.

Inbound and Outound

December 29th marked the arrival of Jeremías Meyer, our new vicar from Concordia Seminary, Argentina. Our third vicar to serve in the Dominican from Argentina, Jeremías is the son of a pastor who serves in Buenos Aires. His mother works in a Lutheran school. This vicarage year is the 5th year of studies for Jeremías and upon completing his vicarage he will return for his final year of studies, totaling 6 years of preparation. The Argentinian Lutheran church is our largest Spanish-speaking sister church in South America with more than 250 congregations. Her seminary is 70 years old and serves some 12 countries through resident scholarships and an on-line program.

We joyfully welcome Jeremías to the mission field and look forward to his year of service with us for the sake of the Gospel. Please keep him in your prayers as he is far from home and adjusting to life in a new country. We were also grateful for our outgoing vicar Roberto who faithfully aided us in the task of preaching, teaching catechism classes, visits, and devotions in the school. We were so very glad to have Robert with us last year and wish him God-speed on his continued studies!

Deaconess Intern Katie Ziegler

In October, we welcomed our Deaconess Intern Katie Ziegler to the field. With her hometown in Nebraska, and her past year of seminary studies in Cambridge, Katie’s first challenge on the field has been 4 months of intensive Spanish language training! As an international intern, she has two years of studies before her and we are grateful that she has a good attitude and is working hard to make Spanish learning a reality. Katie will make visits, teach women´s Bible studies and, Lord-willing, teach courses for us in our new deaconess program in our seminary. The seminary building is now completed and will be dedicated this March. Please pray for Katie in her studies and for patience in all things.

Support the Dominican Republic’s first group home for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Hogares Luteranos el Buen Pastor (Good Shepherd Lutheran Homes)

Inclusive Christian care in a group home setting.

The Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission (DRLM) has been active in the Dominican Republic for more than five years.Hogares Luteranos el Buen Pastor (Good Shepherd Lutheran Home)

DRLM is:

  • Bethesda Lutheran Communities
  • LCMS World Relief and Human Care
  • LCMS World Missions
  • The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil
  • St. Michael Lutheran Church of Fort Meyers, Fl.
  • The Central America Lutheran Missions Society
  • LCMS South Wisconsin District

Often, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are marginalized in the Dominican Republic. Children live with their families or in government-run institutions.

In December 2010, DRLM facilitated the opening of the first group home in the Dominican Republic for six orphans with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Read more The home, Hogares Luteranos el Buen Pastor (HLBP) is in the city of Palmar Arriba.

HLBP is directed by Dr. Marisol Martinez and staffed by trained “aunts and uncles,” who are members of the local LCMS partner congregation. The work of HLBP is also assisted by missionary Danelle Putnam.

Daily, the children receive:Danelle Putnam speaks to the community

  • nutritious meals
  • two baths
  • Devotions
  • Therapy
  • Opportunities for community involvement
  • Schooling

The organization needs to raise 100 percent of the funds to pay for daily operations and the group home. Currently, DRLM is seeking avenues to secure the financial future of HLBP and potentially open more group homes.

Some measures being undertaken are:

  • Starting a sponsorship program
  • Soliciting donations from local companies
  • Growing food
  • Opening an Internet café

The community of Palmar Arriba has embraced the children from HLBP. Citizens of the community gave hundreds of hours to remodel the home, left donations of food and clothes, and offered to help in many other ways. The community, government and HLBP has provided a valuable template that will shape future group home arrangements around the Dominican Republic.

The six children have succeeded in HLBP as well. Each child has an Individualized Education Plan. They’ve been accepted in their community, other children from the neighborhood show up daily to play and interact. They attend church and Sunday school.

To support this important mission, Donate Today.

The mission of HLBP is to provide spiritual and physical care for people with developmental disabilities by establishing group homes that give excellent care and by developing religious, educational and therapeutic programs that incorporate them into the family of Christ and society.

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