Employment Supports

Through our vocational supports, we help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities realize their full career potential.

Real employment, real wages

We help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities find meaningful employment in their community. At Bethesda, we see and hear firsthand from the people we support and their families about their desire for greater opportunities in the workforce. We partner with state and local government agencies and local businesses. We offer supportive vocational programs that open meaningful and true employment possibilities to the people we support. Our employment supports include customized employment planning, skills assessments and on-site job coaching. The people we support find fulfillment and satisfaction as working members of their community.

Unlike other employment support services, our programs are about more than just job placement. They’re about choice. We want to give the people we support the opportunity to have a choice in their future and a choice in where they work. Our services are designed to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities plan, prepare and choose positions that appeal to their interests.

Bethesda offers job coaching, placement and employment support services in Wisconsin and Oregon.

Deborah Guinther [right] is an administrative secretary at Bethesda's location in Portland, Oregon. She recently shared what makes her mornings at work so special when she is greeted by Janice, a person Bethesda supports in Portland.

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