Faith Resources

At Bethesda, we provide resources to congregations and people of all abilities, so together we can grow in our faith in Christ.

Tools for building inclusive faith communities

As a Christian organization, we are dedicated to helping people with developmental disabilities have meaningful and enriching experiences within a congregation. Through our free downloadable faith resources, we help congregations build welcoming and inclusive faith communities, and we help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities find a welcoming congregation of their own. Our goal is to help every person find their church home.

Grief and Loss Scrapbook

We're pleased to make our popular Grief and Loss Scrapbook for people with developmental disabilities available again.

This resource includes suggested prayers for mourning the loss of a family member, friend or roommate.

Time with God

The Time with God series is a collection of devotions for people with developmental disabilities.

Death, Grief & Loss

We Need Comfort When We are Sad: Download

When Others are Suffering and Sad: Download

Dealing with Death: Download

Even When I Die, Jesus is With Me: Download

When Someone Dies: Download

We Can Live in Heaven: Download

To Live and Die for the Lord: Download


Don't Be Afraid: Download

Illness and Hospitals: Do Not Be Afraid: Download

When I am Lonely: Download

Words that Hurt: Download

Bad News Can Upset Us: Download

Don't Be Afraid; God is in Control: Download

God Gives Us Strength When Bad Things Happen: Download

I Am Never Alone: Download

Lord Help Me: My World is Falling Apart: Download

Weak or Strong: Download

Loving Others: Download

Knowing Jesus Makes Us Happy: Download

Safe!: Download

Suffering is No Surprise: Download

Share Our Feelings: Download

Daily Living

Be Strong When Trying New Things: Download

Everyone Can Serve God or Volunteer: Download

Facing Troubles as a Christian: Download

God Always Protects Us: Download

"God Bless You" When You Sneeze: Download

Adopted: Download

Believing is Important: Download

Chosen by God: Download

Lord Help Me Listen: Download

Shine for Jesus: Download

Choosing Friends: Download

Generosity: Download

Loving One Another: Download

Thinking and Living Like Christ: Download

We Thank God for You: Download

Strength for Working to Serve: Download

Be Fair: Download

Tell the Truth: Download

Faith Formation

Forgiven: Download

Saying We Are Sorry: Download

Gardens and the Bible: Download

What is Heaven Like?: Download

Waters of Baptism: Download

Temptation: Choosing Between Right and Wrong: Download

Going to Church: Download

God's Free Gift: Heaven: Download

*New* Jesus Fights Temptation: Download

*New* Fizz & Pop: Download

*New* Sins Forgiven & Taken Away: Download

*New* Baptism & Rebirth Day: Download

*New* New Birth: Download

*New* Set Free: Download

*New* Give Thanks to God: Heaven is Free: Download

*New* A God Who is Slow? Slow to Anger: Download

*New* God is Real: Download


Beginning New Things with Prayer: Download

Stay Faithful Through Prayer: Download

Lord's Prayer: Our Daily Bread: Download

Lord's Prayer: Forgive Us as We Forgive: Download

The Who, What, Why of Prayer: Download

Always Praising - Always Praying: Download

*New* Jesus Hears Us: Download

*New* Let Us Pray: Download

*New* God's Strength & Favor: Download

*New* Ask & Pray: Download

*New* Comfort from Jesus: Download

*New* When We Pray: Download

Winter Holidays

Epiphany: The Star: Download

Epiphany: The Wise Men Get Lost: Download

Epiphany: The Wise Men Go Home a Different Way: Download

Lent: Ash Wednesday: Download

Groundhog Day: February 2: Download

Leap Day, February 29: Leap for Joy: Download

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Prayerful Listening: Download

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Download

New Year’s Eve: New Creations in Christ: Download

New Year's Day: Up All Night: Download

President’s Day: Abraham Lincoln: Download

President’s Day: George Washington: Download

Valentine’s Day: God's Love: Download

Advent: A Time of Waiting: Download

Advent: An Angel Comes to Joseph: Download

Advent: Mary Receives Wonderful News: Download

Advent: The First Day of Advent: Download

Advent: What is Advent?: Download

Advent: Zechariah-Prayer and Trust: Download

Christmas: Jesus: Download

Christmas: The Christmas Tree Ornaments: Download

Christmas: The Shepherds: Download

Christmas: The Story and Us: Download

Christmas: Be Like the Shepherds: Download

Christmas: God Has Many Kinds of Messengers: Download

New Year's Eve: Everything New: Download

Spring Holidays

Ascension Day: Jesus Went to Heaven: Download

Ascension Day: Jesus is the Way to Heaven: Download

Easter: Resurrection: Download

Easter: Go and Tell: Download

Holy Week: Good Friday: Download

Holy Week: Jesus and the Tomb: Download

Holy Week: Maundy Thursday: Download

Holy Week: Palm Sunday: Download

Holy Week: Peter Denies Knowing Jesus: Download

Pentecost: A Promise and the Holy Spirit: Download

Pentecost: The Disciples are Filled with the Holy Spirit: Download

Transfiguration: Jesus Looks Different: Download

Transfiguration: Seeing the Glory of Jesus: Download

Earth Day: April 22: God Saw Goodness: Download

Mother’s Day: Download

St Patrick’s Day, March 17: Making Disciples: Download

Summer Holidays

Father’s Day: Our Father in Heaven: Download

Flag Day, June 14: We Are Free: Download

Independence Day, July 4: A Holy Nation: Download

Independence Day, July 4: Free Indeed: Download

Fall Holidays

All Saint’s Day: November 1: Download

All Saints Day: We are Holy: Download

Reformation Day and Martin Luther: Download

Reformation Day: October 31: Download

Black Friday: Download

Daylight Savings…Forever!: Download

Election Day: God Gives Us Leaders: Download

Remembering 911: Christ’s Love Wins Every Time: Download

Thanksgiving Day: Download

Thanksgiving: Saying Thanks Every Day: Download

Thanksgiving: Sunburn and Leprosy: Download

Veteran’s Day: Download


A Formal Celebration: Download

Happy Birthday: The Day You Were Born: Download

Happy Birthday to You: Download

Ash Wednesday: Download

Earth Day: Download

The Christ Connection

The Christ Connection is a free collection of church resources focused on the fact that God created us exactly as He planned.

The Christ Connection Materials

Sermon Notes: Download

Litany: Download

Church Talk: Download

Four-part Bible Study Series for Adults: Download

Adult Bible Study A: Download

Adult Bible Study B: Download

School Chapel Service: Download

Early Childhood Bible Study: Download

Elementary Bible Study: Download

Youth Bible Study: Download

Devotions: Download



Terminology Bulletin: Download

Bookmarks: Download

Coloring Page: Download


Called By Name

Called by Name is Bethesda’s free series of sermons, Bible studies and devotions that use biblical backing to support inclusion of people with and without disabilities.


Children’s Message: Download

Litany: Download

Sermon Notes: Download

Terminology: Download

Bible Studies

Adult Bible Study: Download

Adult Bible Study Part 1: Download

Adult Bible Study Part 2: Download

Adult Bible Study Part 3: Download

Early Childhood Bible Lesson: Download

Elementary Childhood Bible Lesson: Download

Elementary Bible Lesson - Teacher: Download

Women's Bible Study: Download

Youth Bible Study: Download

Christian Schools

Chapel Service: Download


Baptism: Download

Lazarus: Download

Mary: Download

Moses: Download

Naming: Download

Samuel: Download

Saul: Download

Zacchaeus: Download

What does a name mean?: Download

Meant to Be

Meant to Be is a free collection of Bible-based developmental disability awareness resources for congregations, schools and ministry groups.

Meant to Be Materials

Four-part Bible Study Series for Adults: Download

Bible Lessons for Ages from Early Childhood to Adulthood: Download

Chapel Talk: Download

Children's Message: Download

Devotions: Download

Sermon Notes: Download

Litany: Download

Two-part Theme Activity and Lesson: Download


Certificate of Commitment: Download

Meant to Be Lyrics: Download

8.5 x 11 POSTER to download and print: Download

11 x 17 POSTER to download and print: Download

Terminology Bulletin: Download

Volunteer Bulletin: Download

Download the entire Meant to Be Collection

Welcome to My World

Welcome to My World is a coloring book that brings disability awareness to children, teachers and families.

Welcome to My World:

Coloring Book—English: Download 

Coloring Book—Spanish: Download 

Coloring Book—Cantonese: Download

Teacher Insight Sheet (English): Download

Teacher Insight Sheet (Spanish): Download


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