Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month
March 2018


Throughout the month, please join us in "Connecting People of All Abilities." Each week, we’ll share inspirational stories that feature individuals we support and how they connect in the community, at home, at work and in the  church. We encourage you to share your own stories with  us on social media and connect with us on how to get  involved and make a difference.

When Bethesda creates connections among the people we support, in our communities and each other, we all benefit. The people we support gain opportunities that lead them to live their best life – one that meets their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Making connections is integral to Bethesda’s mission.


Enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through services that share the good news of Jesus Christ.


In the community
See how Charles enjoys meeting people wherever he goes – at festivals,
the library, stores, and more. How can you make new friends around
town? Meet Charles
At home
For John, having a great home life helps make the rest of his day complete.
How can you make someone’s home life brighter. Meet John
At work
Meet Chelsea, who realized her dream of working at Culver’s.
Are you an employer? If so, you can turn dreams into reality too.
Meet Chelsea
At church
A faith community is designed as a welcoming place. When you’re in church,
do you go out of your way to include others?



There are many ways to make a connection with the people we support.
You can:

  • Simply say hello and engage in conversation
  • Volunteer your time
  • Offer your prayers
  • Provide employment opportunities
  • Sit next to someone at church
  • Get informed on the issues and advocate with your lawmakers
  • Donate to help us keep supporting those with an intellectual or developmental disability

We look forward to your support during Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month and throughout the year. #DDAWARENESS18