5 Incredible Ways to Volunteer for “Night to Shine”

Volunteers are a key part of the Tim Tebow Foundation’s Night to Shine events.

Volunteers help make Night To Shine an amazing prom night experience for people with developmental disabilities. In Watertown, Wisconsin, Night To Shine is being hosted by Bethesda, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and Faith Lutheran Church and School on Feb. 12, 2016. Night to Shine has the right volunteer opportunities for everyone .

Here’s a list of 5 incredible ways you can support the event as a volunteer.

1. Be a Buddy

Every prom attendee needs a buddy. Buddies will be assigned to a guest and their job will be to accompany and assist as needed throughout the night. Together you’ll dance, sing along to the music, enjoy dinner and engage with them throughout the evening.

2. Volunteer Check-in

Yes, even volunteers require volunteers. The volunteer check-in role includes assisting in greeting arriving volunteers, giving out name badges and directing them to their team leader. Special skills required: the ability to point left, right and straight ahead.

3. Paparazzi

Prom doesn’t happen if it isn’t posted on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Help make this prom night special for attendees by taking photographs and treating participants like the honored guests they are.

4. Greeter

Volunteer as a greeter and you will welcome guests as they arrive and help them find their way to the main event space, activities and restrooms.

5. Coat Check

Our event is hosted at Bethesda’s campus in Watertown, Wisconsin. Yes, it’s winter. It is very cold. As a coat checker you’ll greet guests, take their coats, label them and hang them. As guests leave, you’ll do that process in reverse.

Join us in February!

Interested in volunteering at “Night to Shine?” Visit the official event page to sign up.

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