A Day Of Skiing in Colorado

Many of the people Bethesda supports who live in Colorado have unique opportunities to enjoy winter sports.

One group in particular recently  teamed up with volunteers from the National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD) to turn a trip to an outdoor festival into a weekend on the slopes.


Joey Pisctella, Michael Hull, Yonaha Kiflai, Gavin Miller and Graham Saiz were inspired to give skiing a try after they went to a snowboarding demonstration at the Ruby Hill Park Rail Yard near their home in Colorado.



Just like Gavin, who wouldn’t get excited for a ski trip after attending  a winter festival featuring snowboarding, ice sculptures and hot cocoa?  Bethesda reached-out to the NSCD, a Colorado-based organization that works to provide therapeutic sports and recreation activities for people of all abilities.




A few weeks later, the men arrived at Winter Park Resort in Colorado.  Volunteers from the NSCD helped everyone get suited up.



Some of the men had never skied before, so they waited their turn for a volunteer to get them started. The volunteers from the NSCD were also very good about keeping the men safe on the slopes by making sure they were using sunscreen and eye protection while out in the sun and snow.



A pair of NSCD volunteers help Gavin on the hill at Winter Park Resort. The NSCD volunteers walked alongside Gavin as he got used to being on skies for the first time.



Michael tried out the hill on his own using one ski. The NSCD volunteers helped ease new skiers through the experience in ways that were comfortable for them.



Graham quickly found success on his skis and was soon ready to take the lift up to the top of the run.  The NSCD volunteers spent most of the day taking Graham up the chairlift and then following him down the mountain.



By the end of the day, Yonaha was all smiles. Nicole Lindquist, a Bethesda program manager who works with Yonaha, said that even a month after the trip, Yonaha still laughs and smiles when he talks about skiing.



Bethesda is proud to be the kind of place where volunteers from a great organization like the NSCD can connect with people of all abilities to have a great day on the slopes.




This “Day In The Life” story was written and published as part of Bethesda’s #IamHuman campaign.  


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