Accessibility for All Employees

Anique Jackson receives employment support from Bethesda in Centennial, Colorado. 

One of three employees at the ARC Thrift Store there who uses Bethesda job coaches, the 23-year-old works in accessories. 

Anique, who has been working at the store for two years, says she enjoys doing her job to the best of her ability. 

“I love to be working, and I love the people,” she says. 

Staff at the store have worked with Anique to develop adaptations on her wheelchair, including a crate, to help her with her job. They also help her to overcome accessibility issues. 

“I wouldn’t say it’s a struggle,” Anique says. “It’s a little problem.” 

One of her job coaches, Cheryl Sasaki, who serves as Community Integrated Employment Manager for Bethesda Lutheran Career Connections in Littleton, Colorado, says one of the biggest challenges for people like Anique who have physical disabilities is finding companies with accessible environments for employees. 

“We all see businesses that are accessible for customers: ramps in addition to stairs and doors with a button we push to enter, and restrooms that are accessible for people with physical disabilities,” she said. “Often, however, areas such as break rooms, employee locker rooms and conference rooms are not as accommodating.”  

Despite improvements, Cheryl says, educating employers in this area to ensure equality and inclusion for all employees is essential. 

The Career Connections staff at Bethesda can assist you in finding the right job for you or your loved one. Bethesda currently provides employment support services in WisconsinOregon and Colorado. More information can be found here or by contacting Kristine Leonard, Bethesda’s Corporate Director of Employment and Community Life Engagement, at or 920-262-6529. 

Bethesdsa Career Connnections staff in Littleton, Colorado (pictured clockwise below): Cheryl Sasaki, Jim Clinton and Sherree Nevarez-Perez.




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