3 Generations of Family Volunteer at Night to Shine

When Karen Carter heard about Bethesda presenting Night to Shine last year, she knew she had to get the rest of the Bethesda Auxiliary involved.

Night to Shine is a prom-night experience for people with disabilities, centered on God’s love, sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. Karen, Bethesda Auxiliary President, volunteered to be the Team Leader for food volunteers at Night to Shine.

She even decided to get her family involved—three generations were present at Night to Shine on Bethesda’s Watertown Campus (pictured above from left to right): Karen’s grandson Ethan, herself, and her daughter-in-law Jen, who is also Ethan’s mom and Membership Chair for the Bethesda Auxiliary.

More than 120 people with developmental disabilities and 250 volunteers attended the event.

“What an amazing evening,” Karen said. “I experienced joy in the faces of attendees, saw beauty in the interaction between buddies and attendees and delighted in the words of new volunteers expressing their emotions in being part of the evening.”

Not only did Karen and her family members volunteer, but the Bethesda Auxiliary pledged funds that went toward securing limo rides during the event. Other elements of the evening included a red carpet complete with welcoming friendly paparazzi, hair and makeup stations, shoe shining stations, corsages and boutonnieres, a karaoke room and, of course, dancing. Every Night to Shine guest was crowned as a king or queen of the prom. By the end of the night, Karen and many of the other Night to Shine volunteers felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

“Our Fitbits showed six miles of steps from the afternoon and evening,” Karen said. “What a night!”

Are you interested in attending or getting involved with Night to Shine in Colorado or Wisconsin? Learn more here: BethesdaLutheranCommunities.org/NightToShine.

Everyone has gifts to share! For more than 60 years, members of the Bethesda Auxiliary have volunteered with Bethesda and shared the love of Jesus with people with developmental disabilities. Join today.

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