Bill – Love of Family

We all have different definitions of family, but Veronica Perez, a former nurse, was willing to expand her understanding of the term when she invited Bill Jakovac into her home through Bethesda’s host home program.

Bill, his vision severely obscured before Veronica pushed for Bill to have surgery to remove cataracts, has found a new way of looking at life – and a loving home where he is embraced by all.

“You see him as a member of your family,” Veronica says.

Just as Bill’s life has been impacted, Veronica says her life and family have been improved by caring for him.

“Bethesda brought us together,” she says. “We’re just so grateful.” Be like Veronica and show your love for the people Bethesda supports. By taking time today to make a donation, you’re helping Bethesda make connections and make a difference in the lives of people just like Bill.

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