Blessing Bethesda: the Gift of Holiday Cheer

Generous Bethesda donors spread Christmas cheer to people we support in Colorado who have no families to celebrate the holidays with.

For the last nine years, Bethesda staff, congregations, Bethesda Auxiliary members and school children have donated gift cards to Bethesda Program Managers. The cards are used to buy Christmas presents for people they support who wouldn’t receive a gift otherwise.

This year, Bethesda supporters donated $3,600 in gift cards. $300 of the donations came from the Colorado Bethesda Auxiliary’s efforts to collect Campbell’s Soup Labels for Education.

"At Bethesda, we want the people we support to live the happiest lives possible," said Sue Hart, Ministry Consultant. "Sometimes happiness is as simple as a present from someone who loves and respects you.” 

In the past, Program Managers have used the donations to buy movies, video games, sports gear and music for the people we support who are in need of some holiday cheer.

"One year staff bought a lava lamp for a person we support who absolutely loved them," Sue said. "But these gifts are not always so frivolous. We also give to people we support whose families are in financial need. That can be the gift of new clothes, or groceries if they don't have round-the-clock care."

Thank you to all the people in Colorado who have made more than 75 people's Christmas mornings a little cheerier. 

You can help the people we support live the best lives possible, too. Share your time, talents and resources , today.

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