Bethesda Christmas Program is a Hit in Colorado

For the past 11 years, people we support in Centennial, Colorado, have put on a Bethesda Christmas Program.

On Saturday, December 3, the people we support presented the Christmas story during a retelling of the nativity at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church. Nearly 100 people we support in Colorado and their families, guardians and friends attended. 

“The Bethesda Christmas Program is an amazing opportunity for people with disabilities to participate in Christian faith,” said Sue Hart, Ministry Consultant.

The Christmas story was about the symbols of the Christmas story of Jesus' birth, such as: candy canes, cookies, ornaments, angels, ribbons and bows.

The people we support took turns hanging up ornaments that had each of the symbols on them, which Sue and many volunteers worked to make.

It is important for many people we support to be involved in their local church. When you share your time, talents and resources , you ensure people we support have the faith journey of their choice.


Santa made a visit to the Bethesda Christmas Program.



People we support in Colorado took turns hanging up

ornaments with symbols of Christmas on them.



There were many happy faces as the people we

support proudly hung ornaments on the tree.


Valerie Boggess, a FACES Ministry Volunteer,

baked 13 types of cookies!

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