Faith and Acceptance: Learning People of All Abilities are Wonderfully Made

Sue Hart wants to reinforce an environment of disability inclusion, beginning with our nation's youth.

And that’s why Sue Hart, Ministry Consultant, has taught Teri Reck’s kindergarten classes at Zion Lutheran School in Brighton, Colorado, that people of all abilities are wonderfully made by God for the last seven years.

“It’s important to open up a dialogue about developmental disabilities," Teri said. "I thought, why not start with my kindergartners?”

Sue teaches students about people with developmental disabilities and how they are made exactly how God intended through three short lessons:

  • We are each unique.
  • People with developmental disabilities are capable of being independent and developing relationships.
  • The world is a more beautiful place when people of all abilities come together.

“At Bethesda, we strive to build a community of inclusion and support,” Sue said. “That's hard to do if we don't all come together and teach our children about what having a developmental disability means.”

If you are interested in a Ministry Consultant teaching your students that people of all abilities are wonderfully made by God, email

Explore our Faith supports page to find resources to open up a dialogue about people with developmental disabilities, today.

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