New Year, New Friends

People supported by Bethesda in Missouri gathered on New Year’s Eve to welcome 2018 and enjoy each other’s company. 

The idea for the party came from Michael Biermann, a person supported by Bethesda. Michael extended invitations to people supported by Bethesda in Missouri and had great attendance, says Geri Zimmerman, a Bethesda lead direct support professional who staffed the party. 

“During the party, they were playful and energetic as they developed new and closer friendships through shared activities,” Geri says. 

Each individual used fabric paint to create a black 2018 T-shirt and then made their own personal pizza – a big hit, according to Geri.  

During dinner, they shared what they would like to see take place in their lives in 2018 and the responses were written on poster board to be preserved and pulled out next year and reviewed.  

Later in the evening they participated in a doughnut/whipped cream eating contest – dominated by Jeff Brosius – and the drawing of a special goblet, which was won by Albert Gabrisch. 

Partygoers also played a fun game. 

“It was played with great enthusiasm as participants attempted to toss a ping pong ball into an empty cup across the kitchen island,” she says. “Not everyone prevailed, but all had fun watching the facial expressions of those who had to take a shot of lemon juice as the result of a bad toss.”  

The night ended with a group toast, party horns and confetti poppers, a wonderful welcome to 2018 for people Bethesda supports in Missouri, Geri says. 



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