Sorority Makes Significant Impact for Bethesda in Texas

By Katie Thomas, Bethesda ministry consultant, Religious Life West 

What if I told you that sorority students are Bethesda’s most far-reaching volunteer constituents? I never would have imagined this to be true, but their vast contributions defy description.

Bethesda’s mission has been indelibly impacted by this small group of young women; women whose hearts beat to serve God and share His love.

Phi Beta Chi is a national sorority of faithful Christian women whose mission is to strive to be living examples of God’s love to the church and community. I have had the immense privilege of serving alongside these young women from Texas A&M University since the fall of 2016. Here are just a few examples of the things they have poured their hearts and spirit into:

  • Led devotion-centered on Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem and made gratefulness rocks with the people we support celebrating the gift of the resurrection.
  • Made Christmas wreaths for three group homes as a visual reminder of God’s love and presence during Advent.
  • Created and purchased materials for a hands-on craft they made with the people we support in two group homes. The craft used different abilities and encouraged creativity and choice.
  • Prayed the Lord’s Prayer one-on-one with people we support.
  • Wrote notes of affirmation and personally delivered to staff in two group homes where they have served.
  • Participate in Prayer and Postage and commit to write and send cards of encouragement to people supported, leads, and leadership staff on a regular basis.
  • Assembled activity bags for people supported and staff at each house.


Their impact is far-reaching. They are simply not content with the typical ways in which volunteers engage. One powerful trait I have observed in this group of young women is the strong desire to go beyond the status quo—to reach beyond the confines of what is expected of them as volunteers. These young women are always seeking to go deeper and to serve in meaningful ways because their hearts desire to include and incorporate people of all abilities in community.

Building relationships with the people we support has transformed their hearts and shaped their worldview. They now see that people of all abilities have the same desire to serve as they do.

Their love for the people we support, staff, and our mission does not end when they leave the group homes on their Home Heroes service days. Their dedication is encouraging and evident. They are not even deterred by the hour and a half drive to and from Texas A&M University and Cypress, Texas. Their outpouring of love and willingness to serve is reflected in all that they do.



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