The Moses Family’s Tradition of Generosity

Tracey Moses witnessed the sacrifices her parents made to ensure her sister, Alicia, who was born with a developmental disability, lived a full life.

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Ken and Ellen Moses instilled lessons of generosity and kindness to each of their three children. “Growing up, you couldn’t help but breathe it in,” Tracey said. “They taught me that no matter your situation, everyone can give something. We’re all here to take care of each other and my parents did so selflessly.”

When Alicia, who lives in Mission Viejo, California, was 19, her parents found Bethesda. For the nearly 25 years Alicia has received support from Bethesda, the Moses family has witnessed her growth and have been steadfast supporters.

“Bethesda has given Alicia independence,” Tracey said. “They’ve given her a place where she is cared for, well taken care of and loved. They’ve also given my family peace of mind, knowing she is in good hands.”

Email_2_Faith surrounds_GivingTuesday_sistersAlicia is living the life her family hoped for when they found Bethesda nearly a quarter century ago. According to Tracey, Alicia is lively and fun. She loves music, dancing and her magazines, which she fondly refers to as “my mag.” She likes to laugh and dance in the car, Tracey said.

Ken, who passed away recently, and Ellen gave more than financially to Bethesda and the other organizations they supported; they gave of their time and skills as well. Tracey is growing the Moses family’s legacy as a donor and Bethesda supporter.

“There is nothing more precious to me than my little sister,” she said. “Bethesda has done so much for her. The staff are angels on earth. That’s why this cause is so close to my heart. Bethesda has become part of our family.”

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