Turning Memories Into Art

Tapping into his past – especially remembering faces and names – is not easy for Keven Soults, a man Bethesda supports in Cypress, Texas. 

Nevertheless, Keven, who has a traumatic brain injury, could not forget a former Bethesda employee who collected and sent in plastic bottle caps to benefit cancer patients. 

While the staff member has left Bethesda, Keven’s memory of her and her efforts remain, says Brandon Jackson, a program manager for Bethesda’s Southern Operations in Texas. 

“Daily to this day,” Brandon says, “he asks me, ‘Hey, are we going to get more bottle caps today?'” 

Recently, while other members of his Community Life group were engaged in a different activity, Keven worked with Brandon on a picture for Keven’s family. 

Keven, a Michigan native, decided he wanted to make a fish because when he lived at home, he enjoyed fishing with his late father.  

They completed a drawing that depicted an orange fish swimming in the water as the sun shines brightly. After they thought they were done, Brandon accidentally knocked over Keven’s bag of bottle caps, which numbered in the hundreds. But instead of picking them up and putting them away, Brandon and Keven came up with another idea: they would make a 3-D version of the original picture. 

“I looked at them and figured, there has to be something that we can do with these,” Brandon says. “So, Keven and I began to place and affix the caps in areas with similar colors of the caps. After an hour, we noticed that we had completely changed the picture to something different.”  

Keven’s mom and stepfather were very pleased with his accomplishment and asked that the picture be displayed. 



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