A Visit to the State Capitol

Three individuals from Bethesda’s group home in Blaine, Minnesota, enjoyed a day at the Minnesota State Capitol recently at the invitation of their state representative. 

Mary, Kelli and Terri, accompanied by DSP Brianna, were the guests of Rep. Erin Koegel on the house floor. 

During the day-long trip, they toured the capital with Minnesota Historical Society guides, ate lunch in the capitol’s historic café, and bought T-shirts in the gift shop. 

While the Minnesota House of Representatives was in session, Rep. Koegel escorted the ladies to the back room of the house chamber, an area open only to house members and their guests. They met briefly with Rep. Koegel and took a photograph. 

Brianna says people watching was one of their favorite activities during the trip. 

“They were very polite and smiled to everyone we came in contact with,” she says. “The ladies were excited to get dressed up and have an important day at the Capitol.” 

A fourth person we support at the home, Karla, decided not to go because she did not want to miss work.  






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