Whoville in Texas

People supported by Bethesda in Cypress, Texas, opened their exhibit “Santa Comes to Visit Whoville” on Dec. 13 at the Community Life Center.  

An entire classroom was devoted to bringing the story of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” to life, featuring all original pieces, constructed completely of cardboard boxes.  

In addition to the Whoville village, the people supported were also treated to a visit from Santa. They each took a personalized photo with him and the elves, and received a personalized gift and stocking. 

Brandon Jackson, a program manager for Bethesda’s Southern Operations in Texas, says the motivation behind the room was more than simply incorporating the scenery of Whoville; it was embracing the larger message behind the story of the Grinch: Christmas is more than just presents. 

“It is the love of family, the joy of seeing smiling faces, and, most importantly, the memory of the miracle that is Christ’s birth,” he says. 

In addition to the work on the “Whoville” scene, the arts and crafts class held an art show where they displayed some of the best holiday crafts made during the holiday season. From mugs to picture frames, the people supported were able to display their works to visitors. 

People supported, staff and volunteers danced and partied the rest of the afternoon away with an assortment of holiday treats and Christmas music from all genres, Brandon says. 

“The fun and fellowship experienced in the event made it one to remember,” he says. 

In the end, Brandon adds, “The Grinch’s thoughts fit perfectly, ‘Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas means just a little bit more.'” 

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