Employment Supports

Information for individuals, parents and guardians and employers about Bethesda's employment support services for people with disabilities to find meaningful employment in their communities.

For Individuals, Parents and Guardians

Finding a job can be difficult at times.

The employment support services staff at Bethesda can assist you in finding the right job for you or your loved one.

  • We work with Department of Vocational Rehabilitation services and you or your loved one.
  • We utilize our vast employer and business networks to find a position that matches you or your loved ones's individual interests, skills and abilities.
  • Employment staff provide you or your loved one with the support needed to successfully navigate applications, interviews and the hiring process.
  • Through a specific and individualized approach to assessment, discovery, employer engagement and long term job supports, Bethesda successfully helps many people each year find engaging long term employment in their communities.

Bethesda provides employment support services in Wisconsin, Oregon and Colorado.

►Interested in more information about employment support services?

Please contact Kristine Leonard, Community Life Coordinator via email: Kristine.Leonard@mailblc.org or phone: 920-262-6529.

For Employers

A diverse workforce including people with disabilities is good for business.

We partner with government agencies and local businesses to offer supportive vocational programs that open meaningful and true employment possibilities to people with disabilities.

By partnering with Bethesda, you will:

  1. Find motivated, loyal employees.
  2. Reduce hiring and training costs.
  3. Maximize efficiency of current employees.
  4. Find solutions to unmet workforce needs.
  5. Receive ongoing employment support.
  6. Diversify your workforce.

Working with Bethesda will have a net positive effect on your bottom line.

You don't have to take our word on this, just read what other employers have had to say!

Applebees logo

"Hiring people with disabilities has had a positive impact on my team. They have proven to be dependable, reliable, willing and ready to work. It is a pleasure to have them as part of the Applebee's team!"

-Eric, Applebee's


"Employing a person with disabilities makes a difference in their lives and in our lives, as well... as an employer, this is a very visible way to show the community that we are making a difference."

-Linda, Kwik Trip


►Interested in doing your part for your community by offering employment to someone with a disability?

Please contact Kristine Leonard, Community Life Coordinator via email: Kristine.Leonard@mailblc.org or phone: 920-262-6529.

When Paul, a person Bethesda supports in Portland, Oregon, met with his Employment Specialist, Karen Lyman, to discuss his employment goals, he told her he wanted to find a job where he could have true opportunity for advancement.

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